Perhaps the [NAGUAL] only exists, and very voluntarily, between lines (grammatical, conceptual, historical, etc). is essentially ungraspable, even through words; any attempt to define its figure accurately, or to describe it accurately, is condemned to confusion or at least to insufficiency.
- Javier Barros Del Villar


Ruis writes of a shaman from many generations ago who has a dream.

In the dream, the Shaman steps out of his body, examines it and then looks up at the sky. He marvels at the stars, gazes down at his body and sees that he himself is also made of stars. He calls these stars (the light, the matter, everything he could sense in the natural world) the TONAL.

The shaman examines the sky a second time, but this time focuses on the space between the stars. He peers down at his body and notices the same space within himself, within all matter. 

He calls this space the NAGUAL.

We use scent to move beyond the conscious into the NAGUAL [where the truest version of “self” resides]. This ephemeral ritual can make lasting waves in the psyche, the zeitgeist, and beyond.